It’s been a busy 2.5 weeks

As usual, I am behind in my blogging. We are two and a half weeks in and it’s time for Back to School Night. West Potomac calls it Open House and it starts at 4pm and runs until 7pm. I like this format as it gives parents more flexibility in seeing their child’s teachers and is also a better use of the teacher’s time.

I have three sections of Language of Medicine, two of Exploring Health Sciences, and one section of Biotechnology Foundations. I have a larger number of students this year as does the rest of the Academy and a larger number of 10th graders. My Exploring classes are a good foundational course for the rest of the Health and Medical Sciences courses, and hopefully my students will continue in our other excellent offerings. The students seem to be off to an exciting start. The Language students have a list of about 100 terms to learn, the Exploring students are presenting their ethics research, and the Biotechnology students have completed their introduction to pipetting.


The school years seem to go by faster each year.

Q: Why do teachers teach? Answer: June


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