I skipped school today

Well, I didn’t really skip. I put in for a substitute teacher a few days ago for today. My wife and I went with our daughter to Georgetown University Hospital for genetic counseling and a blood test. My wife is BRCA1 positive and my daughter has a 50-50 chance of being positive as well. She (wife) has already undergone an oopherectomy and double mastectomy to reduce the risk of cancer. We got to GUH almost two hours early. My wife and I ate a 14 dollar breakfast and the daughter had coffee and stole fruit from my plate.

A very knowledgeable genetic counselor spent about an hour presenting the procedures, statistics, and choices that my daughter had/has to consider. She had already made up her mind to get the blood test and nothing the counselor said changed her mind. After the several pages of paper work was filled out, we walked over to another building and up a few floors for the blood draw. The nurse drew three tubes; a lavender top, a green top, and a red top. She drew them in the correct order and inverted them as required.

We will go back with her in three weeks to get the results. We are hoping for a negative result but she still has five or so years according to the stats until she has to start thinking about surgeries. She has a great attitude about the situation and it will all turn out good, no matter what the blood test shows.

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