My courses and students

I teach two health occupations courses. Exploring Health Sciences introduces the students to careers in health care. Exploring the Language of Medicine focuses on anatomy, medical terminology, and disease and illness. I certify both classes in CPR for Healthcare Providers and First Aid. I have six classes of 170 students. We are part of the CTE department, formerly voc. ed. The courses are one credit electives. Most of my students are interested in a medical career. Many say that they want to be physicians. I emphasize the many other health occupations because the truth is that very few applicants get into medical school. For those students who are really serious about medical, dental, nursing school, etc., I encourage them to take every hard science and math course that they can. If then they have room on their schedule, sign up for my courses.

I also stress the career preparation part of the curriculum. Regardless of their chosen occupation, the students need to know how to write a resume and how to interview for a job. I also talk to them a lot about college admissions and the value of the local community college. I am fortunate to be able to combine my long-time medical career with my other long-time career of education. I also lucked out with a great group of kids who for the most part, want to be in my classroom and want to learn.


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